Buying & Selling All Scraps

Clearing & Disposal

About ADL Venture

ADL Venture Pte Ltd is a collection and recycling of mainly all types of scraps such as copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, cables, wire ropes, cut plates, iron sheet plates, rebars, zinc, machineries, forklift, used or old equipment and etc.

We are committed save the environment from having more waste going into landfills through better optimization of our recycling processes.

At ADL Venture, we value all our customers and their service experience. We will offer our most competitive prices and service. We have excellent clientele from the marine, engineering, electrical, automobile, logistics industry to different agencies on recycling and trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Our collection service are mainly from local suppliers. Our branch is located at Soon Lee Street. Please call or walk in with your scraps. Our friendly and committed staffs will be able to give you an excellent customer service experience.
We hope that ADL Venture will be your preferred vendor to buy in your metals / scraps at good and reasonable prices. Alternatively, you can contact us for Quotation Enquiries. We will be glad in serving you.

In ADL Venture, we are maximizing the recycling of all items collected and thus reducing the disposal of these items from end users or vendors.

Many tons of waste are disposed every year in landfills. The numbers are still growing. As such, we hope to be able to reduce this dumping process with metal recycling by creating useful resource from the items we collect and process through time for different sector.

Mission – Your Recycling & Disposal Solutions

Vision – Our aim to be LEADERS in the fields of green movement so as to continuously enhancing environment

ADL Venture Pte Ltd focus on the safety and health of all employees and will provide a safe and healthy working environment to preserve the natural environment by taking into account of any requirements.

A safe operation is organized, clean and efficient. We instill our employees to view accidents in the same way as us and do not take things for granted. The responsibility for all health and safety are shared. All employees are equally responsible for reducing accidents within our premises and on work sites.

Therefore it is important that all aspects of our safety management system is strictly enforced and followed.

We will all work together to prevent accidents resulting in unwanted losses, personal injuries or illness.